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Big Trouble in Little China

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99 Minutes


When trucker Jack Burton agreed to take his friend Wang Chi to pick up his fiancee at the airport, he never expected to get involved in a supernatural battle between good and evil. Wang's fiancee has emerald green eyes, which make her a perfect target for an immortal sorcerer named Lo Pan and his three invincible cronies. Lo Pan must marry a girl with green eyes so he can regain his physical form.


Al Leong
Bill M. Ryusaki
Brian Imada
Carter Wong
Chao Li Chi
Craig Ng
Craig Ryan Ng
Dan Inosanto
Daniel Eric Lee
Daniel Wong
Danny Kwan
Dennis Dun
Diana Tanaka
Donald Li
Donna L. Noguschi
Eric Lee
Gary Toy
George Cheung
Gerald Okamura
Jade Go
James Hong
James Lew
James Pax
Jeff Imada
Jerry Hardin
Jim Lau
Jimmy Jue
June Kyoto Lu
Kate Burton
Kenny Endoso
Kim Cattrall
Kurt Russell
Lia Chang
Min Luong
Nathan Jung
Noble Craig
Noel Toy
Paul Lee
Peter Kwong
Rummel Mor
Shinko Isobe
Stuart Quan
Suzee Pai
Vernon Rieta
Victor Wong
Willie Wong
Yukio G. Collins



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