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Kicking Off

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85 Minutes


Despite a nightmare of a season, loyal fans Wigsy and Cliff join the thousands of adoring supporters each Saturday in the terraces to sing and cheer their boys to victory. But today is different. Today is extra important. Win: they stay up. Lose: they go down. As they watch their team score the goal that will save them from relegation, the frenzy of happiness quickly turns ugly as the referee disallows the goal. With fists pumping, Wigsy & Cliff form a drunken plan. Wigsy, follows it through and commits a crime that will cause chaos and catastrophe – he kidnaps the referee! KICKING OFF is an anarchic football comedy, starring Warren Brown (Luther), Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat), Alistair Petrie (Rush, Sherlock), Danielle Bux and cameos from Robbie Savage, Mark Bright and World Cup legend Sir Geoff Hurst.


Alistair Petrie
Amaka Okafor
Bailey Patrick
Dan Fredenburgh
Danielle Bux
Geoff Hurst
Greg Mchugh
Jon-Paul Gates
Mark Bright
Raj Awasti
Tim Major
Warren Brown
Zeeshan Azad



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