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Going Wild

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68 Minutes


Rollo and Lane just happen to be tossed off the train at White Beach where Robert Story -Air ace and writer- is supposed to stop. It is a case of mistaken identity as no one knows what Story looks like. So they get free room and meals at the Palm Inn and everything is going well until they want Story to fly in the race on Saturday. Rollo has never even be up in a plane, never mind fly one, so he must figure a way out. But the girls have everything bet on his winning the race. Written by Tony Fontana


Allan Cavan
Anders Randolf
Arthur Hoyt
Bess Flowers
Bill Elliott
Clifford Ingram
Ellinor Vanderveer
Florence Wix
Floyd Shackelford
Frank Mchugh
Fred Kelsey
Hal Roberts
Harvey Clark
Hayes Robinson
Henry Hall
Joe E. Brown
Johnny Arthur
Larry Banthim
Laura Lee
Lawrence Gray
Max Wagner
May Boley
Ona Munson
Polly Ann Young
Richard Coleman
Sam Cantor
Virgil Owens
Walter Pidgeon



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