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Never the Twain Shall Meet

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79 Minutes


Dan works for Pritchard and Pritchard out of San Francisco and is in love with Maisie, referred to as "the icebox" by his news reporter friend. As one of his ships returns to San Francisco, Dan learns that the Captain has contracted Leprosy and asks Dan to be the guardian of his South Sea island daughter Tamea. Dan soon learns that Tamea wants him and will do nothing without a kiss. But Tamea soon learns that she is different than Dan and Maisie and that makes her angry. Dan decides to go and live on the island with Tamea, but soon finds out that Paradise is not everything that he thought it was.


Bob Gilbert
C. Aubrey Smith
Clyde Cook
Conchita Montenegro
Eulalie Jensen
Hale Hamilton
Joan Standing
Karen Morley
Leslie Howard
Mitchell Lewis



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