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91 Minutes


Jane is a woman who does not remember her husband nor her daughter who has died some years ago because of a severe amnesia. As she suffers this loss of memory she has some paranormal sensations feeling that something strange and terrible will happen...


Benjamin Kimball Smith
Blaire Baron
Bonnie Bartlett
Cliff Potts
Denise Dowse
Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson
Frank Novak
Jason Manary
Jessica Frank
Joanna Kerns
John Shea
Julia Flood
Katy Boyer
Kurt Fuller
Laura Innes
Lee Garlington
Leslie Ackerman
Leslie Neale
Lora Staley
Macon Mccalman
Melissa Weber
Michael Mitz
Nataalia Rey
Robert Mailhouse
Steve Kelso
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Tiffany Taubman
Tom Henschel
Yvonne Zima



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