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Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

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86 Minutes


Starring Tori Spelling and James Franco, the long-awaited remake of the 1996 cult classic gets a new twist. When theater major Leah brings home her new love interest from college to meet her mother, they're about to learn that there ARE things more dangerous than sleeping with a psychopath.


Aaron Hendry
Amber Coney
Ashli Haynes
Christie Lynn Smith
Christopher Allen
Daniel Robbins
Derek Kokinda
Emily Meade
Emma Rigby
Gabrielle Haugh
Hadley Winn
Ivan Sergei
James Franco
Jesus Licciardello
Joel Michael Kramer
Leila George
Lucy Angelo
Luke Loving
Maria Sova
Mirela Burke
Nathaniel Timmerman
Nick Eversman
Taylor Laughlin
Tori Spelling



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