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The New Beverly is a theater where a double feature is still $8 - cash only. A theater where David Lynch pops by for a secret Q&A and where Edgar Wright introduces our monthly midnight screening of Scott Pilgrim whenever he is in town. A theater where directors program a week of their favorite films and come down to talk about how they inspired them. A theater where Fassbinder, Romero, Scorsese and Hitchcock films all show in the same week. Where you could catch a double feature of Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons - then stick around for the midnight screening of Cool As Ice. A place where the owner and employees genuinely care about cinema and are excited to talk to you about what the ending of Primer really means, or to recommend a film you've maybe never heard of. Since 1978 we've been home to dedicated film geeks, casual moviegoers and some of the greatest directors and actors in the world - everyone is treated equally here. We're one of the last places where that happens.


Alissa Davis
Anat Indig
C. Courtney Joyner
Clu Gulager
Corky Baines
D.C. Pierson
David Crennen
Dennis Cozzalio
Donald Mcquade
Drew Coombs
Edgar Wright
Fred Dekker
Freddie Gillette
Gariana Abeyta
Grae Drake
Henry Stanny
Jen Roach
Joe Carnahan
Joe Dante
John Landis
Julia Marchese
Julien Nitzberg
Kevin Smith
Lloyd Kaufman
M.F. Dinan
Marc Edward Heuck
Marion Kerr
Mark Romanek
Michael Schlesinger
Mike Monterastelli
Noah Segan
Patrick Saxon
Patton Oswalt
Paul Hrissikopolous
Paul Vickery
Rian Johnson
Richard Kelly
Seth Green
Shannon Robles
Stuart Gordon
Tom Holland
Vinny Jefchak



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