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The Do-Over

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109 Minutes


Do Over hilariously asks the question, what if you could go back and try that "first time" again? When Sean King (Drew Seeley) moves his successful Internet start-up back home to Los Angeles, he quickly reunites with his lifelong friends - the kind of friends that know all your secrets! Hanging with his brother Ryan (Zack Lively), best friend Anthony (Jonathan Bennett), and buddy Angela (Amy Paffrath) he and the boys brag about how great they performed when they lost their virginities. As the only female in the group, Angela says their recollections of sexual prowess may not be exactly the same as what their partners remember. In fact, she says, each guy probably sucked. In what she thinks is a hilarious challenge, Angela tells the guys to use social media to find their "firsts" and arrange for a "do over" so they can finally get it right. When chaos ensues, Angeles relishes the drama she created until the big secret of her first time is questioned. Is a re-booty call even possible?


Adam Sandler
Ayana Johnson
Catherine Bell
Chris Titone
Dan Bulla
Dan Patrick
David Spade
Jackie Sandler
Jared Sandler
Jonathan Loughran
José Nogueras
Kathryn Hahn
Kevin Grady
Laura Willette
Luis Guzmán
Martha B. Knighton
Matt Walsh
Michael 'Red Bone' Alcott
Michael Chiklis
Mike Benitez
Natasha Leggero
Nick Swardson
Omar Cruz Soto
Paula Patton
Ramiro 'Ramir' Delgado Ruiz
Renée Taylor
Robert Smigel
Ryder Tardif
Sadie Sandler
Samuel Tardif
Sean Astin
Sharon Gee
Sheila Cochran
Stan Ellsworth
Sunny Sandler
Teo Ciltia
Timothy Douglas Perez
Torsten Voges
Vanessa Cater
Xander Paradise
Zakk Paradise



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