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Seattle Road

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85 Minutes


Seattle Road explores the paradox of a couple's love and the resentment that forms between two ambitious people. Eve is a beautiful but wounded woman, the product of an affluent and sophisticated background. Adam a sheltered, vulnerable man raised in a cult-like commune with his mother and younger brother who only recently escaped his confining background. Together they unknowingly embark on a journey that will be tumultuous to their relationship, leading to a great sense of impending doom. Exploring the ideas of serendipity and predestination, Adam and Eve are on a romantic collision course that's part of a larger design - that they're fated to be partners and to go through stages in their relationship that mirror their story in Genesis. Relying heavily on the use of imperfect fragments of memory, this film deconstructs a relationship in a painful, realistic and ultimately hopeful journey.


Alexandra Davies
Colin Woodell
Daniel Abeles
Julia Voth
Kelly Lynch
Matthew Mahaney
Max Roeg
Maximillian Roeg



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