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94 Minutes


Bill Shakespeare is a hapless lute player with a big dream. Kicked out of his band, Bill leaves his despairing wife and kids behind in Stratford to seek fame and fortune in London. He's written a great work for the stage and he'll prove all the doubters wrong. In Madrid, King Philip II of Spain has hatched his latest plan to rid the world of his mortal enemy, Queen Elizabeth, and seize the English throne for himself. Sneaking into England with a motley crew of assassins, Philip fools desperate courtier the Earl of Croydon into helping with his devilish plot. Aided by debt-riddled London playwright, Christopher Marlowe, Bill believes his big break has come when the Earl of Croydon offers to put on his play for Queen Elizabeth. Little does he know that King Philip is using Shakespeare's first work as the centrepiece in his plan to assassinate the Queen.


Andy Gillies
Ben Willbond
Clare Thomson
Damian Lewis
David Crow
Gareth Tunley
George Hewer
Helen Mccrory
Jamie Demetriou
Jared Morgan
Jared Morgan
Jim Howick
Joey Ellis
John Henry Falle
Justin Edwards
Laurence Rickard
Martha Howe-Douglas
Mathew Baynton
Olesja Sidorovich
Richard Atwill
Richard Glover
Rufus Jones
Rufus Jones
Sam Exley
Samantha Hindman
Simon Farnaby
Stephen Greif
Susy Kane
Tom Cox
Tom Meeten
Will Rastall



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