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10 Days in a Madhouse

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111 Minutes


Based on her sensational book, 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE tells the true story of renowned journalist, Nellie Bly who, at 23 years old, feigned insanity and had herself committed into the notorious Blackwell's Island Insane Asylum. Working for Joseph Pulitzer and the New York Times, Bly went undercover to expose the atrocities, corruption, abuse and murders that took place in the asylum.


Alexandra Callas
Andi Morrow
Bob Olin
Caroline Barry
Christopher Lambert
Corrina Cornforth
Darlene Sellers
Darrell Salk
David Lee Garver
Everette Scott Ortiz
Gwyn Laree
Jessa Campbell
Julia Chantrey
Kaitlin Otoole
Katie Singleton
Kelly Lebrock
Michael Swanson
Monique Robbins
Natalia Davidenko
Saskia Larsen
Susan Goforth
Talya Mar



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