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Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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78 Minutes


Frustrated and disillusioned about his work alongside the Justice League, Robin is forced into a new position with a younger super team, the Teen Titans. Readily welcomed aboard, he is immediately intrigued by the mysterious Raven and the unnatural force that looms over them - her father Trigon - a deceptive being powerful enough to destroy Metropolis by pitting the mighty Justice League against the Teen Titans. With loyalties on the line and lives in the balance, witness the super hero showdown that pits Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg against the likes of Beast Boy, Starfire, Blue Beetle and Nightwing. Only true teamwork will end the threat in this all-new DC Universe adventure!


Brandon Soo Hoo
Christopher Gorham
Jake T. Austin
Jason O'Mara
Jerry O'Connell
Jon Bernthal
Kari Wahlgren
Rosario Dawson
Sean Maher
Shemar Moore
Stuart Allan
Taissa Farmiga



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