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99 Homes

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112 Minutes


Charismatic and ruthless businessman, Rick Carver (Michael Shannon: Man of Steel, The Iceman), is making a killing by repossessing homes - gaming the real estate market, Wall Street banks and the US government. When he evicts Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield: Spiderman), a single father trying to care for his mother (Laura Dern) and young son, Nash becomes so desperate to provide for his family that he goes to work for Carver – the very man who evicted him in the first place… Directed by Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart, At Any Price) this tense riveting thriller boasts powerhouse performances from Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield and flashes a light on the US housing crisis.


Albert C. Bates
Andrew Garfield
Ann Mahoney
Carl Palmer
Clancy Brown
Cullen Moss
Cynthia Leblanc
Cynthia Santiago
David Maldonado
Deneen Tyler
Don Brady
Donna Duplantier
Elton Leblanc
Elton Leblanc
Garrett Kruithof
Gretchen Koerner
Gus Rhodes
J.D. Evermore
Jayson Warner Smith
Jeff Pope
Jeff Pope
John L. Armijo
Jonathan Tabler
Joni Bovill
Jordyn Mcdempsey
Juan Gaspard
Judd Lormand
Kerry Sims
Laura Dern
Liann Pattison
Luke Sexton
Manu Narayan
Michael Shannon
Michelle Devito
Nadiyah Skyy Taylor
Nicole Barré
Noah Lomax
Patrick Kearns
Randy Austin
Richard Holden
Robert Larriviere
Tim Guinee
Tom Bui
Wayne Pére
Yvonne Landry



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