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All Roads Lead to Rome

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90 Minutes


When Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City), an uptight single mother from New York, decides to whisk her troubled teenage daughter Summer (Rosie Day, Misfits) away to a picturesque Tuscan village for some much-needed bonding, it isn't long before the perfect holiday becomes the perfect getaway. On their arrival Maggie unexpectedly runs into Luca, (Raoul Bova, The Tourist) a handsome ex-lover still a bachelor and living with his eighty-year-old mother. With Luca and Maggie attempting to navigate the ghosts of relationships past, Summer, who is missing her wayward boyfriend in NYC, and Carmen, secretly planning a wedding against her son's wishes, find a common ground. Impulsively stealing Luca's car to race to Rome, the pair are quickly pursued by Maggie and Luca - the former flames are forced to reconnect, realising that sometimes true love deserves a second chance.


Shel Shapiro
Barney Harris
Chiara Bassermann
Claudia Cardinale
Federico Riccardo Rossi
Gianclaudio Caretta
Luis Molteni
Marco Bonini
Nadir Caselli
Paola Lavini
Paz Vega
Raoul Bova
Rocío Muñoz
Rocío Muñoz
Rocío Muñoz Morales
Rosie Day
Sarah Jessica Parker
Walter D'Errico



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