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The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

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96 Minutes


Jake "the Snake" Roberts was among the most famous professional wrestlers in the world. Millions of fans were compelled by his intense and believable persona, and fans were always transfixed by the gigantic snakes he threw atop his opponents within the "squared circle". His wit and skill on the microphone captured the attention of audiences around the world. His talent in the professional wrestling industry was undeniable. 30 years later, Roberts has lost nearly everything to his inner demons. His struggle with drugs and alcohol was highly publicized in tabloids and films. The millions of dollars he earned wrestling are gone. After two failed marriages, his 8 kids hardly know him. Barely able to afford rent of his small home, Jake waited for a lonely death. Along with everyone else, he had given up on his life. Unexpectedly, Jake gets a visit from an old friend, "Diamond" Dallas Page. 20 years earlier, Dallas Page was a nobody in wrestling when Roberts took him under his wing and taught him the "art" of professional wrestling. At the age of 35, everyone told page he was too old, yet Roberts helped him become one of the biggest names in the business. Jake believed in him when very few did. Owing much of his successful career to Robert's teachings, Page returns to Jake's life in an effort to repay him. "The Resurrection of Jake "The Snake" Roberts" follows the true account of what transpires next, as the two wrestlers who share a one-of-kind bond, struggle against Robert's past demons and attempt to create a reason to live again. A story that transcends the fictional world of Professional Wrestling to reveal Roberts' truly inspiring journey to love and respect himself.


Adam Copeland
Brandy Smith
Chris Irvine
Cody Hall
Dustin Runnels
Gene Okerlund
Jake Roberts
Jim Duggan
Jim Ross
Joe Case
Louie Benson
Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr
Scott Hall
Steve Austin
Steve Yu
Ted Dibiase



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