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Vice Academy 4

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89 Minutes


"To Protect and Serve" takes on a whole new meaning when the Vice Academy girls are on the case. Candy and her new partner Samantha are back in an all new wild adventure! The wicked nymphomaniac, Malathion, has broken out of prison again and is on the rampage. The vice girls must bust her before she can seduce the Commissioner and destroy his wedding plans. Malathion, with the help of her new boy-toy, wreaks havoc and sexual hi-jinks as only she knows how. Will Candy and Samantha be triumphant, or will Malathion succeed with her dastardly plot?


Deborah Dutch
Elizabeth Kaitan
Honey Lauren
Jay Richardson
Jayne Hamil
Julia Parton
Mark Richardson
Rebecca Rocheford
Rebecca Rocheford Davies
Robin Sheridan
Steve Mateo
Timothy Guest
Veronica Carothers



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