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Reveille with Beverly

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78 Minutes


Beverly Ross, the switchboard operator at a local radio station, jumps at the chance to be the emcee of a recorded program at an early morning hour before the soldiers at a nearby army camp assemble for reveille. Bevery, sensing what bands and singers are favorites of the soldiers plays recordings she knows they will like and intersperses then with chatter and camp bulletins. Beverly's younger brother is a soldier at the camp, and two of his buddies, one rich and the other one poor, vie for Beverly's attentions.


Adele Mara
Andrew Tombes
Ann Miller
Barbara Brown
Bob Crosby Orchestra
Bobby Barber
Boyd Davis
Cyril Ring
David Newell
Dick Purcell
Doodles Weaver
Douglas Leavitt
Duke Ellington
Eddie Kane
Eddy Chandler
Ella Mae Morse
Ernest Hilliard
Eugene Jackson
Frank Sinatra
Franklin Pangborn
Harry Anderson
Harry Carney
Herbert Rawlinson
Jack Rice
Jean Inness
John T. Murray
Larry Parks
Maude Eburne
Ray Nance
Shirley Mills
Si Jenks
Sydney Chatton
The Mills Brothers
Tim Ryan
Virginia Sale
Wally Vernon
Walter Sande
William Wright
Wilson Benge



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