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Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

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87 Minutes


Paradise police chief Jesse Stone takes some well-deserved vacation time and chooses to spend it in Boston, where the Assistant State Homicide Commander, Lieutenant Sydney Greenstreet, aware of his previous experience as an LA Homicide detective, has sought his expertise in evaluating a packet of cold case murders. His cop-ly intuition leads him to a case that has already been closed, but when something about it catches his eye, it sets him off on an investigation filled with surprises, unlikely suspects and grave danger.


Al Sapienza
Alex Carter
Amelia Rose Blaire
Christine Tizzard
Dawn Greenhalgh
Gillian Anderson
Gloria Reuben
John Michael Higgins
Kerri Smith
Kohl Sudduth
Laura Kohoot
Leslie Hope
Luke Perry
Mackenzie Foy
Marcus Simmonds
Maria Vacratsis
Ned The Dog
Tara Yelland
Tom Selleck
Vickie Papavs
William Devane
William Sadler



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