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A Christmas Eve Miracle

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79 Minutes


Sharron Holden (Olivia d'Abo) is a loving mother, a wife, and a workaholic. She's on the verge of a huge promotion at work, but her husband, Dustin (Anthony Starke), feels as if she has given up on her family. To Sharron, work seems to always come first. Dustin decides that the family should take a vacation over Christmas, and after arguing about it, Sharron finally agrees. While on vacation, she has a nervous breakdown, and imagines that life would have been better if she didn't have kids so young. But when a man claiming to be Kris Kringle arrives, he shows her how empty life truly would have been without the love of her family.


Anthony Starke
C. Thomas Howell
Dina De Laurentiis
Jon Voight
Olivia D'Abo



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