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159 Minutes


Following 24 characters through 5 days in the country music capital, Robert Altman's 1975 epic presents a complexly textured portrayal (and critique) of American obsessions with celebrity and power. Among the various stars, aspirants, hangers-on, observers, and media folk are politically ambitious country icon Haven Hamilton (Henry Gibson) and his fragile star protegée Barbara Jean (Ronee Blakley); Tom (Keith Carradine), a self-absorbed rock star who woos lonely married gospel singer Linnea Reese (Lily Tomlin); Sueleen Gay (Gwen Welles), a talentless waitress painfully humiliated at her first singing gig; Albuquerque (Barbara Harris), a runaway wife with dreams of stardom; nightclub owner Lady Pearl (Barbara Baxley), who reminisces about "those Kennedy boys"; single-minded groupie L.A. Joan (Shelley Duvall); vapid BBC commentator Opal (Geraldine Chaplin); and campaign guru John Triplette (Michael Murphy), who is trying to organize a concert rally for the unseen but always heard populist presidential candidate-cum-demagogue Hal Phillip Walker. Everything comes to a head during a climactic concert at Nashville's replica of the Parthenon temple, as the entertainment-hungry audience is momentarily woken out of its stupor by unexpected violence, only to be lulled into a restorative sing-along to "It Don't Worry Me."


Allan F. Nicholls
Allen Garfield
Barbara Baxley
Barbara Harris
Bert Remsen
Carol Mcginnis
Cristina Raines
Dave Peel
David Arkin
David Hayward
Donna Denton
Elliott Gould
Geraldine Chaplin
Gwen Welles
Henry Gibson
James Dan Calvert
Jeff Goldblum
Jonnie Barnett
Julie Christie
Karen Black
Keenan Wynn
Keith Carradine
Lily Tomlin
Merle Kilgore
Michael Murphy
Ned Beatty
Patti Bryant
Richard Baskin
Robert Doqui
Ronee Blakley
Scott Glenn
Sheila Bailey
Shelley Duvall
Sue Barton
Timothy Brown
Vassar Clements



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