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Two Sisters From Boston

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112 Minutes


Abigail Chandler has written her stuffy Boston relatives that she's a successful opera singer in New York. In reality, she works at a burlesque house and is billed as High-C Susie. When her sister Martha comes for a visit, Abigail tries to hide the truth from her.


A. Cameron Grant
Ann Mccormack
Ben Blue
Betsy Stoddard
Boyd Bennett
Charles Previn
Clemence Gifford
Dina Smirnova
Eddie Jackson
Frank N. Johnson
Gino Corrado
Gladys Turner
Gloria Alvord
Harry Hayden
Isobel Elsom
Jack Roth
Jerry Lee
Jetsy Parker
Jimmy Durante
Judy Brent
June Allyson
Katherine Yorke
Kathryn Grayson
Lauritz Melchior
Mario Bramucci
Marion Ackerson
Marjorie Davis
Mayo Newhall
Nella Walker
Peter Lawford
Sheila Egan
Skeets Noyes
Thurston Hall
Tom Leffingwell
Tom Pilkngton



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