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The Walk

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123 Minutes


Twelve people have walked on the moon, but only one man – Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) – has ever walked in the immense void between the World Trade Center towers. Guided by his real-life mentor, Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley), and aided by an unlikely band of international recruits, Petit and his gang overcome long odds, betrayals, dissension and countless close calls to conceive and execute their mad plan. Academy Award® winning director Robert Zemeckis uses advanced technology in the service of an emotional, character-driven story. The Walk is a love letter to Paris and New York City in the 1970s, but most of all, to the Towers of the World Trade Center.


Adam Bernett
Ben Kingsley
Ben Schwartz
Benedict Samuel
Catherine Lemieux
César Domboy
Charlotte Lebon
Chris Cavener
Clément Sibony
Daniel Harroch
Darrell Izeard
Denis Michaud
Doug Price
Émilie Leclerc
Gara Nlandu
Guido Grasso Jr.
Guillaume Baillargeon
Harry Standjofski
Harry Standjofski
Inka Malovic
James Badge Dale
Jason Blicker
Jason Deline
Jean-Robert Bourdage
Joel Rinzler
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Karl Graboshas
Karl Werleman
Kent Mcquaid
Kwasi Songui
Larry Day
Laurence Deschênes
Leif Anderson
Lucas Ramacière
Marie Turgeon
Mark Camacho
Mark Trafford
Martin Lefebvre
Melantha Blackthorne
Mizinga Mwinga
Patricia Tulasne
Patrick Baby
Philippe Bertrand
Philippe Hartmann
Philippe Soucy
Rebecca Croll
Rosaruby Kagan
Sasha Dominique
Serge Boulianne
Sergio Di Zio
Steve Valentine
Sylvain Landry
Sylvie Lemay
Trevor Botkin
Vittorio Rossi
Vlad Stokanic
Yanik Ethier



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