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Make Me a Star

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86 Minutes


Menton Gill is longing to become a cowboy actor and leaves his hometown to try his luck in Hollywood, but there his acting ability is regarded as non-existent, but actress Flips gives him a chance in a bit part, but he fails in that, but the way he fails makes her think that he could be a good comedian. She persuades the studio to put him in a western parody, not telling him what they're really planing, because they know that he does not like comedies. Rather than ending tragic-comically, however, the movie becomes a brilliant coda to art and its servants, the artists, in this case the magniloquent Joan Blondell and Stuart Erwin.


Arthur Hoyt
Ben Turpin
Charles Sellon
Claudette Colbert
Florence Roberts
Fredric March
Gary Cooper
George Templeton
Helen Jerome Eddy
Joan Blondell
Maurice Chevalier
Oscar Apfel
Ruth Donnelly
Sam Hardy
Stuart Erwin
Tallulah Bankhead
Zasu Pitts



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