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Joe Kidd

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88 Minutes


Clint Eastwood stars as former bounty hunter turned hired gunslinger, Joe Kidd, who finds himself in the middle of a range war in rough and rugged New Mexico. Following an armed uprising by local Mexican revolutionaries who claim they've been cheated out of their land, Kidd is hired to quell the rebellion by a wealthy land baron (Robert Duvall) with interests in the disputed territory. But Kidd's and his employer's interests are soon at odds when he falls for a beautiful Hispanic rebel in this top-notch action-adventure from acclaimed veteran western director John Sturges.


Clint Eastwood
Dick Van Patten
Don Stroud
Gregory Walcott
James Wainwright
Joaquin Martinez
John Carter
John Carter
John Saxon
Lynne Marta
Paul Koslo
Pepe Hern
Robert Duvall
Stella Garcia



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