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Dragon Blade

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127 Minutes


When corrupt Roman leader Tiberius (Adrien Brody) arrives with a giant army to claim the Silk Road, Huo An (Jackie Chan) and his group of trained warriors team up with an elite legion of defected Roman soldiers led by General Lucius (John Cusack) to maintain the delicate balance of power in the region. To protect his country and his new friends, Huo An gathers the warriors of thirty-six ethnic nations together to fight Tiberius in an incredible epic battle.


Adrien Brody
Alexander Corne
Alfred Hsing
Benny Urquidez
Choi Si Won
Daniel P. Cameron
Danny Cameron
Danny Salay
Emrah Yilmaz
Faith Ugurlu
Harry Oram
J.J. Demiannay
Jackie Chan
Jai Day
James Lee Guy
Joel Adrian
John Cusack
Jonathan Paulson
Jozef Waite
Kevin Lee
Kyle Andrew Macneil
Kyle Cameron
Kyle Shapiro
Lin Peng
Lorie Pester
Max Huang
Miroslav Karel
Murray Clive Walker
Ned Bellamy
Paul Philip Clark
Philippe Joly
Pierre Bourdaud
Raiden Integra
Sharni Vinson
Steve Yoo
Temur Mamisashvili
Tomer Oz
Vander Mcleod
Will Lefebvre



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