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The Sender

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91 Minutes


From the Hitchcock genre of psychological thrillers comes The Sender. A suicidal mental patient, The Sender (Zeljko Ivanek) turns his horrific nightmares into reality by choosing receivers for his demented thoughts from the local hospital. The first of his receivers is his psychiatrist (Kathryn Harrold) who attempts to save the Sender from himself. But can she save him? Or will he continue to torment and destroy a whole hospital with his sinister thoughts of mystery, mayhem and murder? This terrifying chiller is for everyone who never dreamed nightmares could be so frightening, so believable, so real.


Al Matthews
Angus Macinnes
Harry Ditson
Jana Shelden
John Stephen Hill
Kathryn Harrold
Manning Redwood
Marsha A. Hunt
Monica Buford
Olivier Pierre
Paul Freeman
Sean Hewitt
Shirley Knight
Tracy Harper
Željko Ivanek



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