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Six Shootin' Sheriff

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59 Minutes


Cowboy star Ken Maynard is Jim "Trigger" Morton, in town undercover while pursuing the man who framed him for robbery. But a well-placed shot tames a band of scofflaws and gains Morton the sheriff's badge. Now, he's riding on both sides of the law. The line is further blurred when old buddy Chuck (Walter Long) offers evidence of Morton's innocence in exchange for a blind eye to Chuck's impending postal heist in this classic Western.


Ben Corbett
Bob Burns
Bob Burns
Bob Terry
Buck Morgan
Bud Osborne
Bud Pope
Carl Mathews
Carl Sepulveda
Charles Brinley
Clyde Mcclary
Curley Dresden
Earl Dwire
Edward Peil Sr.
Frank Wayne
Fred Parker
George Morrell
Glenn Strange
Harry Harvey
Herbert Holcombe
Jack Evans
Jack Montgomery
Jane Keckley
Jim Corey
Johnny Luther
Ken Maynard
Lafe Mckee
Marjorie Reynolds
Milburn Morante
Richard Alexander
Richard Cramer
Roger Williams
Sherry Tansey
Tom London
Victor Adamson
Walter Long
Warner Richmond



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