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Wings of the Navy

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89 Minutes


Jerry and Cass have always been competitive. Now that Cass is a well respected Naval aviator like his father, Jerry leaves the submarine service to become a flying cadet with Class 61 at Pensacola. During training, Jerry meets and falls for Cass's fiancée Irene. After air sickness, jitters and a crash landing, Jerry gets his wings. Cass is not as lucky as he is crippled in a crash and must retire. Cass designs a new fighter for the Navy as Jerry pilots flying boats in San Diego. Jerry will do anything to show Cass that he is a better pilot, even if it means leaving the Navy to test the experimental fighter that killed test pilot Steve Conners.


Alan Davis
Alberto Morin
Alexander Lockwood
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Donald Briggs
Donald Douglas
Eddie Acuff
Eddie Parker
Edgar Edwards
Edward Keane
Emmett Vogan
Frank Mchugh
Fred Hamilton
George Brent
George Meeker
Henry O'Neill
Howard C. Hickman
J. Anthony Hughes
Jack Gardner
John Gallaudet
John Litel
John Payne
John Ridgely
Jonathan Hale
Joseph Crehan
Larry Williams
Lee Phelps
Leroy Samuels
Mary Gordon
Max Hoffman Jr.
Max Wagner
Morgan Conway
Olivia De Havilland
Peter Potter
Pierre Watkin
Regis Toomey
Renie Riano
Richard Bond
Selmer Jackson
Steve Pendleton
Victor Jory
Virginia Brissac
Walter Miller
Will Morgan



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