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Digging for Fire

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85 Minutes


Tim (Jake Johnson) and Lee (Rosemarie Dewitt) are married with a young child. The chance to stay at a fancy home in the Hollywood Hills is complicated by Tim's discovery of a bone and a rusty old gun in the yard. Tim is excited by the idea of a mystery, but Lee doesn't want him to dig any further, preferring that he focus on the family taxes, which he promised to do weeks ago. This disagreement sends them on separate and unexpected adventures over the course of a weekend, as Tim and his friends seek clues to the mystery while Lee searches for answers to the bigger questions of marriage and parenthood.


Anna Kendrick
Brie Larson
Chris Messina
David Siskind
Jake M. Johnson
Jane Adams
Jenny Slate
Jude Swanberg
Judith Light
Kent Osborne
Lindsay Burdge
Melanie Lynskey
Mike Birbiglia
Orlando Bloom
Padraic Cassidy
Ron Livingston
Rosemarie Dewitt
Sam Elliott
Sam Rockwell
Steve Berg
Timothy Simons
Tom Bower



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