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The Legend of Barney Thomson

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96 Minutes


Comedy drama as Robert Carlyle plays Barney Thomson, a downtrodden barber who has fallen from grace in his meagre barbering life. One day whilst almost losing his job, Barney comically falls into the unthinkable role of a serial killer. As he sweats out his predicament, and attempts to cover his tracks clumsily, a Police Detective investigating a series of murders in the area begins to suspect Barney may not be all he appears to be. All the while Barney's mother Cemolina cheerfully emasculates her son, setting off a bloody chain of events.


Anne Downie
Ashley Jensen
Barbara Rafferty
Brian Pettifer
David Mcgowan
David Speed
Dolina Maclennan
Eileen Mccallum
Emma Thompson
Finlay Welsh
James Casey
James Cosmo
Jamie Merritt
Kevin Guthrie
Martin Compston
Matt Costello
Matthew Baxter
Nicola Roy
Paul Ellard
Penny Lamb
Peter Adams
Ray Winstone
Robert Carlyle
Ruari Cannon
Sam Robertson
Sarah Mccardie
Scott Dymond
Skye Cooper Barr
Stephen Mccole
Tom Courtenay



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