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Billy the Kid in Texas

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52 Minutes


In the second of the "Billy the Kid" series from PRC that starred Bob Steele, Billy the Kid is being held on a trumped-up murder charge in a Mexico jail. He escapes and meets his pal, Fuzzy Jones, in Corral City, Texas, which is taking a holiday to allow the cowpunchers of the Lazy A Ranch their periodic spree. In the saloon, Billy is recognized by Dave Hendricks and Flash, two the Lazy A's bed men, as the rider who had held them up after they had robbed the express wagon a few hours earlier. Outside, Billy is ambushed and slightly wounded, and is taken to the express office by Jim Morgan where Mary Barton, the local agent, agrees to tend him until the doctor arrives. Billy turns over the loot he took from the outlaws and he is appointed sheriff, with Fuzzy as his deputy. The Lazy A gang brings in a noted gunfighter, Gil Cooper, who turns out to be Billy's brother. Billy, Gil and Fuzzy eventually rout the outlaw gang, and Gil remains behind with Mary as Billy and Fuzzy ride off.


Al Haskell
Al St. John
Art Dillard
Augie Gomez
Ben Corbett
Bob Burns
Bob Steele
Carleton Young
Charles King
Chick Hannan
Curley Dresden
Frank Larue
George Morrell
Herman Hack
Jack Evans
Jack Hendricks
James Sheridan
John Merton
Lew Meehan
Merrill Mccormick
Oscar Gahan
Pascale Perry
Slim Whitaker
Terry Walker
Tex Palmer
Victor Adamson



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