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Saugatuck Cures

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90 Minutes


Saugatuck Cures is a family comedy set in picturesque Saugatuck, Michigan. There we meet Maggie Callaghan (Judith Chapman), a widowed bed and breakfast owner, who's secretly dealing with a second round of cancer. Maggie's well-meaning, meddlesome friends let the truth slip when her rivaling children visit for Thanksgiving. Maggie's openly gay son, Drew (Max Adler), and affluent, religious daughter, Penelope, have yet another falling out over their mother's inability to pay for a new, experimental treatment. Determined, but with no idea how to raise the money his mother needs, Drew follows the harebrained advice of his loyal, screwball best friend, Brett (Danny Mooney). The two embark on a road trip, traveling from town-to-town and church-to-church posing as ex-gay ministers "curing" homosexuals of their "affliction" and dodging trouble along the way. Will this duo's hilariously misguided plan be able to save Maggie?


Danny Mooney
Jordan Trovillion
Judith Chapman
Max Adler
Ralph Lister



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