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The Dark Horse

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75 Minutes


The Progressive Party convention is deadlocked for governor, and so both sides nominate the dark horse Zachary Hicks (Guy Kibbee). Kay Russell (Bette Davis) suggests they hire Hal Blake as campaign manager; but first they have to get him out of jail for not paying alimony. Blake (Warren William) organizes the office and coaches Hicks to answer every question by pausing and then saying, "Well yes, but then again no." Blake will sell Hicks as dumb but honest. Russell refuses to marry Blake, while Joe (Frank McHugh) keeps people away from Blake's office. Blake teaches Hicks a speech by Lincoln. At the debate when the conservative candidate Underwood recites the same speech, Blake exposes him as a plagiarist. Hicks is presented for photo opportunities and gives his yes-and-no answer to any question, including whether he expects to win.


Bert Moorhouse
Berton Churchill
Bette Davis
Charles Sellon
Charles Sherlock
Cliff Saum
Cyril Ring
Edmund Mortimer
Field Norton
Frank Mchugh
Guy Kibbee
Harrison Greene
Harry C. Bradley
Harry Holman
Harry Leroy
Harry Seymour
Harry Wilson
Henry Otho
Jim Thorpe
Louise Beavers
Monte Vandergrift
Paul Panzer
Phil Tead
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Robert Warwick
Sam Hardy
Tom Mcguire
Vivienne Osborne
Warren William
Wilbur Mack
Wilfred Lucas



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