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The man who found himself

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67 Minutes


Young Jim Stanton is a conscientious surgeon, but spends too many off-duty hours pursuing his passion for aviation to suit his stuffy father. When it is discovered that a passenger killed in a plane that Jim crashes was a married woman, the resulting scandal prompts the hospital to put Jim on probation. His pride wounded, Jim takes to the open road and enjoys the simpler life of a vagabond. In Los Angeles--where he is arrested for vagrancy and put to work on a road crew--Jim runs into old pal Dick Miller, who gets him a job as a mechanic for Roberts Aviation. But maintaining his anonymity becomes more difficult, particularly when a pretty nurse, Doris King, decides to make Jim's redemption her personal crusade.


Alec Craig
Billy Gilbert
Bob Perry
Broderick O'Farrell
Charles Murphy
Diana Gibson
Douglas Wood
Dudley Clements
Dwight David Frye
Dwight Frye
Earl Dwire
Eddy Chandler
Edward Gargan
Edward Van Sloan
Frank M. Thomas
Frank Mills
George Cooper
George Irving
George Meeker
Herbert Corthell
Jane Walsh
Jim Farley
Jimmy Conlin
Joan Fontaine
John Beal
John Ince
Jonathan Hale
Larry Steers
Lew Kelly
Mary Maclaren
Matthew Betz
Monte Montague
Phillip Huston
Robert Mckenzie
Sidney D'Albrook
Stanley Andrews
Stanley Blystone
Walter Miller
Wheaton Chambers



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