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Destry Rides Again

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94 Minutes


Kent, the unscrupulous boss of Bottleneck has Sheriff Keogh killed when he asks one too many questions about a rigged poker game that gives Kent a stranglehold over the local cattle rangers. The mayor, who is in cahoots with Kent appoints the town drunk, Washington Dimsdale, as the new sheriff assuming that he'll be easy to control. But what the mayor doesn't know is that Dimsdale was a deputy under famous lawman, Tom Destry, and is able to call upon the equally formidable Tom Destry Jr to be his deputy. Featuring a career reviving performance from Marlene Dietrich as bar singer Frenchie, which could well have been the inspiration for Madeline Kahn's "Blazing Saddles" character, Lili Von Schtupp


Al Taylor
Alex Woloshin
Allen Jenkins
Ann E. Todd
Betta St. John
Bill Cody Jr.
Billy Bletcher
Billy Gilbert
Blackie Whiteford
Brian Donlevy
Bud Mcclure
Cactus Mack
Carmen D'Antonio
Charles Murphy
Charles Winninger
Chief John Big Tree
Dan White
Dick Jones
Dora Clement
Duke York
Edmund Macdonald
Florence Dudley
Frank Mccarroll
George Chesebro
Hank West
Harley Luse
Harold Degarro
Harry Cording
Harry Tenbrook
Irene Hervey
Jack Carson
Jack Gordon
Jack Tornek
James Stewart
Joe King
Leo Sulky
Leslie Vincent
Lillian Yarbo
Lloyd Ingraham
Loren Brown
Marjorie Kane
Marlene Dietrich
Mary Shannon
Merrill Mccormick
Mischa Auer
O.K. Ford
Philo Mccullough
Ralph Bucko
Richard Alexander
Robert Mckenzie
Roy Bucko
Rudy Sooter
Ruth Eddings
Sam Garrett
Samuel S. Hinds
Silver Tip Baker
Spade Cooley
Tex Driscoll
Tom Fadden
Una Merkel
Virginia Brissac
Warren Hymer
William Gillis
William Steele



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