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The Breaking Point

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97 Minutes


There's nothing more deadly than a gentle man pushed to the breaking point! One of novelist Ernest Hemingway's greatest works comes to the screen in this story of a World War II veteran who has fallen on hard times and discovers exactly how far he will go in a desperate attempt to keep from losing his charter boat. Former PT boat captain Harry Morgan (John Garfield) now skippers a boat out of California. Deeply in debt, he agrees to smuggle Asian immigrants into the United States, but things go badly. Now, in an even more desperate situation, he agrees to ferry a gang of robbers out of the country.


Donna Jo Boyce
Edmon Ryan
Guy Thomajan
John Garfield
Juano Hernandez
Patricia Neal
Phyllis Thaxter
Ralph Dumke
Sherry Jackson
Victor Sen Yung
Wallace Ford
William Campbell



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