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Epic Movie

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86 Minutes


The hilarious hi-jinks begin when a hapless group of orphans from curious backgrounds come together to embark on an adventure that takes them to a special chocolate factory where they fall into an enchanted wardrobe and wind-up in a magical land. Here, hilarity ensues when the bungling bunch run into a colorful collection of characters including a flamboyant pirate and a gang of wizardry-apprentices who they join forces with to overthrow the wicked White Witch of Gnarnia.


Adam Campbell
Carmen Electra
Crispin Glover
Crista Flanagan
Darrell Hammond
David Carradine
Faune A. Chambers
Fred Willard
George Alvarez
Héctor Jiménez
Irina Voronina
Jayma Mays
Jennifer Coolidge
Jill Latiano
Kal Penn
Kevin Hart
Kevin Mcdonald
Tanjareen Thomas
Tony Cox



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