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Some Came Running

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137 Minutes


Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner and Emmy-nominee Frank Sinatra ("Ocean's Eleven," "Pal Joey"), Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Shirley MacLaine ("Rumor Has It," "In Her Shoes") and Emmy-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Dean Martin ("Ocean's Eleven," "Rio Bravo"), star in this powerful drama about the difficult challenges facing a veteran when he returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals. Nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Actress (MacLaine), Supporting Actress (Academy Award-nominee Martha Hyer -- "Sabrina," "The Sons of Katie Elder") and Supporting Actor (Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Arthur Kennedy -- "Lawrence of Arabia," "Peyton Place"). Directed by Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Vincente Minnelli ("An American in Paris," "Gigi").


Arthur Kennedy
Betty Lou Keim
Connie Gilchrist
Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra
Larry Gates
Leora Dana
Martha Hyer
Nancy Gates
Ned Wever
Shirley Maclaine
Steve Peck
William Schallert



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