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Operation Crossbow

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115 Minutes


Action-packed story of a small group of military agents who are ordered to blow up a secret Nazi missile facility during WWII. Fast-paced explosive thriller stars George Peppard ("Breakfast at Tiffany's," "How the West Was Won," TV's "The A-Team"), Oscar-nominee Trevor Howard ("The Third Man," "Brief Encounter"), Oscar-winners John Mills ("Ryan's Daughter," "Swiss Family Robinson") and Sophia Loren ("Two Women," "Grumpier Old Men") and Paul Henreid ("Casablanca"). Directed by Oscar-nominee Michael Anderson ("Around the World in 80 Days").


Allan Cuthbertson
Anthony Quayle
Anton Diffring
Barbara Rütting
Charles Lloyd Pack
Ferdy Mayne
George Mikell
George Peppard
Gertan Klauber
Helmut Dantine
Jeremy Kemp
Jeremy Spenser
John Abineri
John Fraser
John Mills
John Ronane
Karel Stepanek
Lilli Palmer
Maurice Denham
Milo Sperber
Moray Watson
Patrick Wymark
Paul Henreid
Philip Madoc
Richard Johnson
Richard Todd
Richard Wattis
Robert Brown
Sophia Loren
Sylvia Syms
Tom Courtenay
Trevor Howard
William Mervyn
Wolf Frees



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