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That Guy Dick Miller

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91 Minutes


THAT GUY DICK MILLER is a funny, candid, upbeat look at the vibrant, mischievous, irreverent actor whose career has spanned 6 decades with over 175 films, 4 TV series and more than 2,000 television appearances. We follow him from his arrival in Hollywood, through to present day, including over 100 film clips. Included too, is a glimpse of his artistry, his writing and even an inside view of the home and the warmth of his private life with family.


Allan Arkush
Archie Hahn
Belinda Balaski
Corey Feldman
Dick Miller
Ernest R. Dickerson
Fred Dekker
Fred Olen Ray
Gilbert Adler
Harry Northup
Jack Hill
Jackie Joseph
Joe Dante
John Sayles
Jon Davison
Jonathan Haze
Jonathan Kaplan
Julie Corman
Kent Beyda
Lainie Miller
Larry Karaszewski
Leonard Maltin
Mary Woronov
Meiert Avis
Paul Petersen
Robert Forster
Robert Picardo
Roger Corman
Steve Carver
William Sadler
Zach Galligan



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