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My Trip Back to the Dark Side

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92 Minutes


Shawn Stone is having a bad day. The funding for his film project is not there, his personal life is in shambles, he's out of time and money. He sees only one way to solve his problems - he must turn to the dark side and ask the King of Porn for some cash


Alisa Reyes
Amy Asmuth
Barnett O'Hara
Betsy Russell
Braxton Davis
Brienne De Beau
Christina Arnpriester
Courtney Gains
David 'Shark' Fralick
Deborah Zoe
Heather Jocelyn Blair
Jamie Janek
Janet Colestock
Jason Pace
Kathy Christopherson
Krizia Bajos
Marlon Young
Melle Hartley
Natalie Kline
Pancho Moler
Patrick Bristow
Patrika Darbo
Rachel Day
Ron Masak
Ryan Judd
Sean Kanan
Sean Young
Sidney S. Liufau
Valerie Barriere
Victor Anderson



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