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Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

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78 Minutes


Gotham City is under siege by a series of bizarre crimes and only the world's greatest detective, Batman, can unravel the mystery! The trail leads to none other than the Penguin and his Animilitia, an animal-inspired squad of villains including Silverback, Cheetah, Killer Croc and the monstrous Man-Bat. Commanding a pack of cybernetic carnivores, the Animilitia seems unstoppable, but Batman has some back up of his own as Green Arrow, the Flash, Nightwing and Red Robin join the fight. So get ready for a wild, snarling showdown in the concrete jungles of Gotham. It's an all-new DC Comics animated adventure that will leave you and your family roaring for more!


Alastair Duncan
Amanda Troop
Charlie Schlatter
Chris Diamantopoulos
Dana Snyder
Eric Bauza
John Di Maggio
Keith Ferguson
Keith Szarabajka
Laura Bailey
Matthew Mercer
Phil Lamarr
Richard Epcar
Roger Craig Smith
Travis Willingham
Will Friedle
Yuri Lowenthal



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