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The Sea

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86 Minutes


After the death of his wife Anna, Max Morden retreats to The Cedars, a house by the sea where he spent his childhood summers. Re-acquainting himself with places past provokes a cathartic reflection as the present draws out powerful memories from one fateful summer many years ago - memories of innocent joy, uplifting warmth but also of profound tragedy. Only an unforeseen revelation will provide a path to redemption and closure.


Amy Molloy
Bonnie Wright
Charlotte Rampling
Ciarán Hinds
Fionnuala Murphy
Fionnula Murphy
Jay Villiers
Karl Johnson
Matthew Dillon
Missy Keating
Natascha Mcelhone
Padhraig Parkinson
Rufus Sewell
Ruth Bradley
Sinéad Cusack
Stephen Cromwell



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