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90 Minutes


Leonard Nimoy and Susan Hampshire star in this eerie story of revenge and murder from beyond the grave. Tom Kovack is a hard-nosed race car driver until a sudden supernatural vision causes a near fatal crash while he's hurtling down the backstretch at 140 miles an hour. Michele Brent is the woman who convinces Kovack that his visions are significant. She leads him to the manor house in his vision where he meets a glamorous film star, Andrea Glenn and her daughter, Jennifer - the last person he saw in his apparition before he crashed. As he learns more about his supernatural powers, Kovack becomes convinced he can help Andrea and her daughter.In the deadly game of love, as in war, there is always a winner and a loser.


Al Mancini
Angharad Rees
Christopher Benjamin
Ewan Roberts
Jewel Blanch
John Rae
Leonard Nimoy
Mike Murray
Milton Johns
Patsy Smart
Patsy Smart
Rachel Roberts
Ray Brooks
Shane Rimmer
Susan Hampshire
Valerie Taylor
Vera Miles



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