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Dead Still

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89 Minutes


Upon the death of his great-grandfather, Brandon Davis (Ben Browder), a wedding photographer, inherits an antique camera famous for taking Victorian death photography. After photographing his subjects they start to die from horrible, bizarre deaths, then reappear as eerie death portraits. One by one, Brandon begins to lose people very close to him as he struggles to uncover the haunting mystery behind the cursed camera. When his eleven-year-old son goes missing, Brandon discovers the camera has supernatural powers and has trapped his son inside of it. He must now risk it all and journey beyond the realm of all imagination, to fight the hideous entities within, save his son and reverse the deadly curse that plagues them before they all become... Dead Still.


Aspen Steib
Ben Browder
Benjamin Boucvalt
Carrie Lazar
Chris Pezzano
Corey Mendell Parker
D.J. Mills
Elle Lamont
Gavin Casalegno
Han Soto
Heather Buckley
Jia Calderini
Joshua Hidalgo
Lawrence Turner
Luke J. Watson
Mark Mills
Natalie Mejer
Niki Boyle
Rachel Marie Booth
Ray Wise
Steffie Grote
Toby Nichols



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