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A Midwinter's Tale

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99 Minutes


Out of work actor Joe volunteers to help try and save his sister's local church for the community by putting on a Christmas production of Hamlet, somewhat against the advice of his agent Margaretta. As the cast he assembles are still available even at Christmas and are prepared to do it on a 'profit sharing' basis (that is, they may not get paid anything) he cannot expect - and does not get - the cream of the cream. But although they all bring their own problems and foibles along, something bigger starts to emerge in the perhaps aptly named village of Hope.


Adrian Scarborough
Brian Pettifer
Celia Imrie
Gerard Horan
Hetta Charnley
Jennifer Saunders
Joan Collins
John Sessions
Julia Sawalha
Michael Maloney
Nicholas Farrell
Patrick Doyle
Richard Briers
Shaun Prendergast



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