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The Mirror Has Two Faces

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126 Minutes


Rose Morgan (Barbara Streisand), who still lives with her mother (Lauren Bacall), is a professor of Romantic Literature who desperately longs for passion in her life. Gregory Larkin (Jeff Bridges), a mathematics professor, has been burned by passionate relationships and longs for a sexless union based on friendship and respect.


Adam Lefevre
Ali Marsh
Amber Smith
Andrew Parks
Anne O'Sullivan
Austin Pendleton
Barbra Streisand
Ben Weber
Brenda Vaccaro
Brian Schwary
Carlo Scibelli
Christopher Keyes
Cindy Guyer
David Kinzie
Elle Macpherson
Emma Fann
George Segal
Howard S. Herman
Jeff Bridges
Jill Tara Kushner
Jimmy Baio
Joan Mollison
Kirk Moore
Kiyoko M. Hairston
Laura Bailey
Lauren Bacall
Leslie Stefanson
Lisa Wheeler
Lucy Avery Brooks
Mike Hodge
Mimi Rogers
Paul Labreque
Pierce Brosnan
Randy Pearlstein
Regina Viotto
Rudy Ruggiero
Sandi Schroeder
Stacie Sumter
Taina Elg
Thomas Hartman
Thomas Saccio
Trevor Ristow
William Cain
William Cain



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