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Happy Funeral

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100 Minutes


Generation Y's infatuation with romance, growing pains and Facebook are explored in this delightful sequel to the sleeper hit TRUTH OR DARE: 6TH FLOOR REAR FLAT (though the story is self-contained; it isn't essential to see the first). This time, the rental unit at 6th floor rear flat is occupied by six new youngsters who want to start a business together. The death of one of their roommates' elder friend inspired them to start a "Happy Funeral" business so that the deceased life is celebrated instead of mourned. As they go about their plans, the six of them will also learn valuable lessons about life, love and being responsible for your own actions.


6 Wing
C Kwan
Candy Lo Hau Yam
Chung Him Law
Donald Tong
Elanne Kong
Eric Tsang
Hau Woon-Ling
Karena Lam Ka-Yan
Lawrence Chou
Sammy Leung
Siu Ye-Jim
Stephanie Cheng Yung
Tang Chi-Fung
Tian Yuan
Woon Ling Hau



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