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The One

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87 Minutes


Former X-Files writer James Wong makes his sophomore feature as a director at the helm of this science fiction thriller that's reminiscent of Timecop (1994). In the near future, a technology called "quantum tunneling" allows human beings to travel between parallel universes. The abuse of this ability by criminal elements has led to the formation of the Multi-Verse Authorities or "MVA," an agency of quantum traveling cops who apprehend violators of inter-dimensional laws. The MVA faces its greatest crisis when a former agent named Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li) goes renegade, traveling between one universe and the next, murdering his own parallel selves and gaining enormous power with each slaying. It is believed that when Yulaw has become "the one," the only version of himself to exist, he will be omnipotent, but the final Gabriel Yulaw exists in our plane of existence (the "magna universe") and is also becoming stronger, though he doesn't understand why. Hot on the evil Yulaw's trail are his former partner Harry Roedecker (Delroy Lindo) and Harry's new colleague Evan Funsch (Jason Statham). Created with Wong's longtime writing and producing partner Glen Morgan, The One (2001) co-stars Carla Gugino.


Archie Kao
Ashlyn Gere
Carla Gugino
Darin Morgan
David Keats
Dean Norris
Delroy Lindo
Dylan Bruno
Harriet Sansom Harris
James Morrison
Jason Statham
Jet Li
Joel Stoffer
Mark Borchardt
Narinder Samra
Richard Steinmetz
Ron Zimmerman
Ron Zimmerman
Steve Rankin
Tucker Smallwood



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