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91 Minutes


Featuring an all-star voice cast and a groundbreaking visual style that pushes the boundaries of animated filmmaking, Robots is a dazzling, fun-filled feast for the eyes and a riveting good time for all ages! Heading for the big city to pursue his dreams of helping robots everywhere with his talent for invention, a small town robot named Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor) embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. With the help of his misfit mechanical friends--Cappy (Halle Berry), a beautiful, dynamic and savvy bot with whom Rodney is instantly smitten; Bigweld (Mel Brooks), a master inventor who has lost his way; and a group of misfit 'bots known as the Rusties, led by Fender (Robin Williams) and Piper Pinwheeler (Amanda Bynes). Rodney and his pals take on the evil corporate tyrant Ratchet (Greg Kinnear) to prove that "you can shine no matter what you're made of".


Al Roker
Amanda Bynes
Damien Fahey
Damien Fahey
Dianne Wiest
Drew Carey
Ewan Mcgregor
Greg Kinnear
Halle Berry
James Earl Jones
Jay Leno
Jennifer Coolidge
Jennifer Perito
Jim Broadbent
Lucille Bliss
Marshall Efron
Mel Brooks
Natasha Lyonne
Paul Giamatti
Paula Abdul
Robin Williams
Stanley Tucci
Terry Bradshaw
Will Denton



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